"My goal is to create artistic scenery in a suspended environment"

About Pipe

Pipe Perez has always been interested in vivid colors and the natural beauty of movement. At the age of six, a Christmas gift of a Polaroid Instamatic camera fueled his passion for photography. Pipe was amazed as the pictures magically were developed by the camera. Documenting family vacations and his extensive travels around the globe only added to his desire to capture every moment he experienced on film and now digitally.

Pipe received a doctorate in dentistry. The artistry and creativity of his profession has led to his current experimentation with his photography. His recent works explore the human form with the enhancement of light, water, and color. “I am always striving to see how water, light, and motion will enhance an image…change a mood…a feeling…an emotion. My goal is to create artistic scenery in a suspended environment, a sensual in depth portrait of human life in a weightless setting. The fantasy behind the art lies in the unknown…anything can happen when movement is involved.” The visual result is as beautiful as it is disturbing creating a painting without the use of a brush. Perez’s belief is color is essential in keeping our senses happy and alive.